Designing Learning Resources in Support of Meaningful Learning

In 2004, we reported an approach to designing a Learning Guide to support meaningful learning (Modell and Modell, 2004).  The governing strategy of this text-based document was the “build-test-refine” mental model for meaningful learning (shown below).
iamse slides

With the growing popularity for the”flipped-classroom” in which content is provided online prior to classroom discussions, there became a need to provide such interactive learning guides online.  This project continues this development to provide models for online Learning Guides in which the student is helped to make his/her current mental model “visible,” asked questions or presented with problems to help test the current mental model, and provided assistance in helping to refine his/her existing mental model.

Another path of this effort is to design online, interactive tutorials to help students review critical concepts underlying physiological phenomena. (Modell and Michael, 2013)

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